Aquaphon A200


The Aquaphon A200 professional from Sewerin is simply the most advanced and complete acoustical water leak detector ever developed. The Aquaphon A200 professional implements fully wireless technologies. This is accomplished by utilizing Sewerin’s SDR wireless headphone technology and TS200 wireless test rod technology featuring the industries best microphones. In addition the Aquaphon A200 controller features a large 5.7″ VGA color display with touch screen offering excellent readability even in direct sunlight and can also be operated with gloves. Features include an innovated automatic filter scanning technology that eliminates nuisance noises with a simple press of a button and records leak noises for reference. For any professional looking for the best acoustical leak detector on the market today, look no further than the Aquaphon A200.

Aquaphon A200 kits can be purchased as BASIC, PRO-BASIC, PRO-PLUS or PRO-COMPLETE.



100% Wireless operation
SDR Wireless headphones
TS200 Wireless Carry rod
5.7” Color VGA Daylight display with touchscreen
Record leak noises
One button auto-filter feature
Wind Protected ground microphone (BM200)
Contact touch microphone (TM200)
Wind Protected soft soil microphone (BM230) (Pro Plus+)
(UM200) Contact microphone w/long wired cable (for deep valves) (Pro Complete)
Built-in rechargeable batteries
Numerical display of minimum noise level (0-1000)
Hearing protection function
Ruggedized carry case with all-in-one charging


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